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Welcome to SGWMMT *TxD* Forum. Its a FRIEND GROUP whereby all friends get to play together.

    Rules and Regulations

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    Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

    Post  +->. ZoShua .<-+ on Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:18 am

    Dear *TxD* Members,
    As the saying goes, country have law, house abide rules.
    Every team definitely have rules and regulations that we must abide in order to ensure the best for everyone.

    1.) You do not have to pay any team fund. However, you need to purchase a rename so that you can name it as *TxD* or TxD*(your initial) Example : Joshua >> TxD*J. (Optional for both names but you have to reconfirm the initial before you put.)

    2.) If there are any matches or trainings, it is advised that you can come, so that you can support or even play together for us and with us. ( TRAININGS ARE GOOD! )

    3.) Ultimately, i want to ensure all members have fun and problem-free. Main thing is to ensure that you get to know more friends around the whole singapore so that you won't feel awkward if you go other arcades.

    4.) Recruitments is on, and for recommendations only.

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